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40 Comments on “Crew Finder”

  1. Alex Helser Says:

    Hello, My name is Alex helser, I am looking to crew on either a Thistle or a 420

    I have been sialing 3 plus years on both a laser. I would like to do spinnaker work as I have not flown one on my 470. I am self employed and have a very flexible schedule. I have raced on a Thistle several years ago at WSC

    503 709 6942

    Thank you

  2. Marissa Balough Says:

    Hi there, I have been an active member of EYC for years, have been racing since the age of 14, so 12 years, and have experience on many different boats. My specialty is tactician and middle crew on thistles in particular.

    I’m looking to sail thistles or something even higher performance to improve my sailing prowess. I’m 5’7″ and 140 pounds. I have all my own gear, so I’m ready to go!



  3. Kevin Reynolds Says:

    While my boat is being repaired I am looking for a Thistle or other boat to crew on Wed nights. Happy to do whatever is required, just want to sail…

  4. Kevin Reynolds Says:

    Info for me is below:
    Name: Kevin Reynolds
    Experience: Several years sailing my own Thistle at the club, only racing the last few years
    Phone: 503-679-2263

  5. Alf Dueser Says:

    Age 48

    Learned sailing age 13 on Laser.

    I’m experienced to crew on sailboats of any size. Racing, spinnaker, trapeze, rudder, wheel, inland, coastal etc… , running the jib or sitting hiking out….

    Please call 914-826-4127 mobile or email .

    Regards and Thank you.


  6. Andrew Says:

    Age: 52
    Experience: Lived in Colorado and raced sailboats on the local lakes. Sailed on small 20′ and medium 22-30′ boats. Operated almost every position on a boat from tiller to trimmer. Have raced for over 7 years.

    Phone 303-578-2450

  7. Ben Hayes Says:

    Grew up sailing and raced Europe Dinghies at the Willamette Sailing club as well as europes and I-14s in the Gorge. I have also sailed and cruised on keelboats. Just moved back to Portland after almost a decade without much competitive sailing. Up for anything and eager to get back into it. 5’9 and about 165 lbs. Email or call / text 971-678-9464. Thanks! -Ben

  8. Alexa Says:

    Grew up sailing off and on in Vermont and the Maine coast, but don’t have much race experience. Would love to crew on a smaller boat where I can really learn the feel of small trim adjustments.

  9. Robyn Says:

    Learned to sail in the USVI the last few years on a 65 ft sloop, and then I crewed a delivery from West Palm FL to the DR last winter. We spent about 7 weeks sailing around the Bahamas. I’m putting in my paperwork for my 6-pack here soon and am itching to be out on the water. I’ve never sailed/raced little boats and it looks like a ton of fun. Feel free to call or email!

  10. Sarah Says:

    I started sailing last Summer (2016) and crewed for about 15 races and a couple of regattas on Catalina 22’s. I’m eager to be out on the water again and learn as much as I can. I love a challenge and am very motivated to learn as much as possible. Call or text if you need help sailing your boat! 503-701-6985 Sarah

  11. Bob McCorkle Says:

    Just moved here from the East Coast where I was an active member of Flying Scot Fleet 24 in CT and Fleet 150 in FL. I have raced in two NAC’s and took 3rd in the 2015 Challenger Division of the Flying Scot Husband Wife regatta.

    Been sailing for the better part of 35 yrs, have rounded Cape Horn in a 40 ft sailboat and just sailed a 42 ft boat from Olympia to Portland that I’m now living on. I own a Flying Scot – but there does not seem to be much of a fleet out here. I really enjoy one design racing and would like to find a boat to crew on regularly.

    Bob McCorkle

  12. Kai Hansen Says:

    Howdy! I’ve been racing for four years now. I’ve done 4 distance races on a T10 (3 Queen’s Cups and 1 Mac), and raced a J70 all of last season in Milwaukee, WI. I’ve also done buoy racing on R19’s and T10’s. Most of my experience is on the foredeck, trimming the jib and setting/flying the chute.

    Feel free to give me a call if you need a hand.


  13. Todd Morrill Says:

    Skipper looking for Hobie 16 crew for upcoming NW Regatta season. Some sailing experience, but not necessarly in Hobie Cat. Looking for lighter 130#< crew to sail Jib, and wanting to get out on the trapeze wire when needed. Next regattas coming up: EYC, Eugene, OR Ju 10/11; Jericho BC Ju 17/18, other NW regatta dates in Jy, Au, Sept. if interested. Opportunities to fun sail and learn to crew on H16, if interested.
    Thanks, Todd 503-640-9590

  14. kimberley craig Says:

    Crewed on many boats. 46. Raced for 14 years on SF bay and 2 locally. Size range from Melges 24 to a 72 foot schooner. Looking for experience on smaller boats, ultimately I want to skipper, but am willing to start in any position. Have done bow, trim, pit, main and mast. Had a boat repair business for 14 years in the bay area. Grew up here locally.

  15. David Pyron Says:

    Hi – I’m moving to Portland and looking to get active again in racing. I’m a veteran race official (Umpire and Judge) and have experience umpiring team races…. less so racing in them. It will take me a bit to get settled in with the new job and move but wanted to start reaching out now.


  16. Matthew Suplee Says:


    I am 37, a two year member of WSC. I’m looking to crew on Wednesday night for Fleet racing. I am a beginner-ish sailor with a couple summers of dinghy sailing under my belt in Rhode Island and here at WSC. I’m trying to build the foundation of a lifelong commitment to sailing and I think crewing would be a great way to get more experience and get to know people at the club. (I also want to win, so please note that I have my priorities properly in place!) Let me know if you could use another hand Wednesday nights. Thanks!

    Matt 225-978-5554

  17. Robin Erickson Says:

    Former collegiate crew (FJ’s), have raced Lasers, X Scows, Coronado 15’s, Santana 20’s. Former ASA Sailing Instructor. Available most Wednesday evenings starting July 11th. Short notice OK, as I live 5 minutes from the club : )

  18. Sonny Gibson Says:

    I just purchased a thistle and will be in need of some crew. I have a lot of racing experience, but am open to having anybody who wants to race. Right now it will be Wednesday night’s and some weekends. I look forward to doing some racing!!

  19. James McGrath Says:

    Just joined the WSC this summer after last summer’s beginner lessons. Sailed before but clearly still a beginner. Most experience is on the club 420 fleet but eager to contribute and learn on Wednesday nights.

  20. LISA SIEWERT Says:

    Hi! I’m an avid sailor with a passion for performance. Sailed mostly Melges on the midwestern lakes, raced and taught sailing too.

    There’s a few years lagtime from when I first began to now‚ but I’ll make up for that with ease. Available on short notice or a set schedule, live-near by, and ready to go. Quick wit too.
    52 years old.

  21. Jason Weiner Says:

    Hi. My name is Jason and I am looking to crew. I am a beginner sailer and took the sailing class through WSC a few years ago. I have been taking 420s out for the last couple of years, and just started messing around on some bigger boats. I am mostly looking to get more experience sailing and meet more members at WSC.

    (503) 575-0243

  22. Alex B Says:

    Hi, I have never sailed before but looking to learn and help where I can. I live about 15 minutes from the club. I am 29 years old.

  23. Corrina Chase Says:

    Hello! I’m Corrina, 39Y/O. I’ve been sailing for around 20 years with a big hiatus of not having access to boats for many years. I just took the intermediate class purely to get on the water, but it was also a great refresher. I’ve sailed tech dinghies, lasers, 420s, rhodes 19s, and an occasional crew for a daysailer. Have done casual racing but not on a team or the like. My schedule is pretty flexible right now so hit me up any time for sailing/racing. 541-921-7394 or Email or Text is great because I don’t check my voicemail often.

  24. Axcelle Bell Says:

    HI, I’m Axcelle Bell, 29, I’ve sailed a variety of boats, a few dinghies, lasers, and Lidos. I’ve led trips on J-24’s and Solings, and sailed a variety of wooden sailing vessels as a part of a crew from 30′ to 130′. Been sailing 4 years on and off, on being intensive/every day and off being pretty off/ rarely.

    I’m interested in joining a committed and serious Lido crew. I’m eager to learn and super eager to be on the water. Thanks!

    Axcelle Bell

  25. Axcelle Bell Says:

    Actually Fleet racing more generally is my interest.

  26. Don Shute Says:

    Hello. I took the WYC intro sailing course last summer on the 420’s. I live in PDX, and am interested in crewing on thistles or larger boats. I also have experience in whitewater kayaking, tripping sea kayaks and canoes, and took lifesaving class. I am mechanically inclined.

  27. Kent Derbyshire Says:


    I’m Kent Derbyshire, 26, I’ve been dinghy sailing for 12 years now, though I haven’t been on the water the past 3 years due to geographic restrictions.

    I’ve skippered/crewed on club 420’s throughout my highschool and collegiate racing days on Lake Ontario. I’ve also extensively crewed on Lightnings in local regattas, as well as races all the way up through the North Americans. I’ve also raced a handful of times on a J-24.

    I’m looking to dust off the dingy boots and get back to some competitive racing, as I’ve missed the thrill of a good race.

    Kent Derbyshire

  28. Alf Dueser Says:

    Dear Sailor,

    Learned sailing age 13 on Laser. Progressed on Fireball, Thistle, 505 and coastal racing.

    I’m experienced to crew on sailboats of any size. Racing, spinnaker, trapeze, rudder, wheel, inland, coastal etc… , running the jib or sitting hiking out….

    Please call 914-826-4127 mobile or email .

    Regards and Thank you.


  29. Skip Rotticci Says:

    I have been sailing for the better part of 40 years all over the west coast. I started in the late 70’s in San Francisco. I actively raced in the MORC, SF Bay Series, Offshore and coastal races on everything from Moore 24’s to Santa Cruz 70’s. I moved to Portland in 1982 and raced extensively on the Columbia, Puget Sound, and Offshore on a bunch of boats. I brought the first Melges 24 to Portland in 1995 and immediately turned a lot of heads.

    I have not been as active for the last 10 years raising kids and working. I would like to get back into it, but not looking forward to fighting traffic to get to Columbia.

    I am 62 years old. 6′ 4” 240 pounds. I am great rail meat, tactition, driver, main trimmer, jib trimmer, spin dude.

  30. Ella Notdurft Says:


    I’ve been sailing on the high school team for two years now, and sail lasers/420s/FJs/Picos. I am eager to learn other boats too. I typically crew for highschool regattas. I am 5’4 and 120 lbs. My trapeze and spin work needs brushing up on for the summer season.

  31. AJ Mcbride Says:

    32 yrs
    Learned to sail in MA when I was 4
    Grew up sailing on a Bristol 24′
    Started racing Optimists when I was 8 and raced for 4 years.

    Since 20 I have been sailing a Pearson 33′ often times on my own.

    Haven’t sailed in a few years since I’ve moved to PNW.


  32. Matthew Suplee Says:

    I am looking to race during the summer series this year. I crewed last year on a Thistle but I am open to any class boat. I am a novice sailor and a beginning racer. I am 38, 5’10, 196lbs. I’ll need some instruction to get started but after that I’m good to go. Hit me up!

  33. Katie Mahorney Says:

    Hi, My name is Katie. I am 19 years old and have just recently become president of a collegiate sailing team at my university in Wisconsin. I am home for the summer and would like to learn more about sailing as well as practice and learn new skills. I am a beginner sailer who has practiced on 420s. My number is 9716785173.

  34. Cedar Mora Says:

    Hey my name is Cedar Mora, I’m 25.

    I’ve been sailing for less than a year but have grown quickly while practicing to crew in the Lido Nationals last weekend with Torin Lee. I love a good challenge. I have also sailed a bit in FJ’s, 420’s, Thistles, Daysailers.

    Call or text: (530) 647 six eight four zero

    Note the area code is 530 not 503

  35. Tina Thompson Says:

    Hi! I have years of sailing experience but haven’t done a ton of sailing on small boats the last 15 years. I would love any chance to be crew on any boat and gain more experience and knowledge.

    Thank you

  36. Liz Paulus Says:

    Hi all! In my 50s, new member in April 2019; grew up sailing Lidos at Eugene Yacht Club, just getting back into the sport after many years. Available for basic crew support in Lido 14, Day Sailer and 420s. Available for Sundays through 2019 fall season. Good at being at the rail, sail mgmt and doing what I’m told 🙂 Call or text five o three 702 0646.

  37. Cody McDonald Says:

    Hello! I recently started sailing and looking to gain experience. Learned to sail in Hawaii on a 40 ft CAT, recently took beginners lessons to hone the basics on the 420. Open to learn all, I work swing shifts at OHSU, so my days off vary. 253-363-2445

  38. Elvis Jakupovic Says:

    I learned to sail on a Catalina 30 that I ran for better part of 6 years on the Great Lakes. Now living in Portland Or and would love to get back on the water.

  39. Natalie Corkhill Says:

    Hello! I moved to Portland 1.5 years ago from the Bay Area where I grew up sailing since I was in middle school. I’m 23 now and looking to connect with the sailing community up here! I have at least 10 years experience in FJ’s and 420s and some experience on J22’s. Open to sailing on something new and meet some sailing people!

    (510) 612-5778

  40. Sheila Perkins Says:

    Hello all, my name is Sheila. I have experience as a crew sailing FJs on Mission Bay, San Diego through UCSD’s Club Sailing Team though it has been several years since I’ve raced competitively. Last fall I took a refresher sailing course offered through WSC and I am eager to get out on the water this summer. I am teachable and open to learning any class boat. 916.903.6266

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