Race Committee Responsibilities

1) Registration is not required but please inform race committee or the WSC office if your sail number changes.

2) The Race Committee consists of a minimum of four individuals on two power boats, the Night Captain aboard one power boat, and a Safety Captain aboard the second power boat. Both the Night Captain and the Safety Boat Captain come from a preselected group of qualified members. These qualified members are in charge of running safe races throughout the racing season. Regular members, sailors, trainees, and members who need work hours will comprise the remaining two or more positions for each Race Committee. The Race Committee will also be responsible for selecting a protest committee at the end of a race should it be necessary. Safety is our top priority.

3) Those operating WSC power boats are required to complete a log when they check out and return a boat. We hope the log will improve maintenance and care of the boats. Please use care when tying the power boats to the docks at WSC and use the fenders, even for short stops. Help improve the longevity of our power boats, see that they are not left unattended banging against the docks by using both a bow and stern line.

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