November 10th Workshop Recap


On Nov. 10th, the Design Committee held a workshop at WSC to review preliminary plans (40% drawings) for two design concepts.  The workshop was attended by 54 people.  The concepts included the following choices:

  • First floor restrooms with no showers, or
  • First floor restrooms with showers and lockers
  • Gabled roof design, or
  • Float roof design

The design concepts and other meeting materials are viewable here.

Participants were asked to express their preference for the choices on comment cards and were invited to make additional written comments.  Fifty-one comment cards were turned in with many people providing additional comments for variations on the proposed concepts.  The general preference expressed by those attending was as follows:

  • 43 people (84%) prefer restrooms only, 8 people (16%) prefer lockers with showers
  • 42 people (82%) prefer the gabled roof option and 9 people (18%) prefer the flat roof option
  • Although we didn’t ask people this question there was a strong preference for a concrete float as opposed to a log float.

All of the written comments are attached.  We will provide general responses to the comments in the next week or so; so check back here for the next update.

The WSC Board met on Nov. 15th and generally concurred with the preferences expressed at the workshop, but also wants to be responsive to the instructive comments that were received.  In short, the directions to the architect are to develop 80% plans that incorporate the following features:

  • Gabled roof design
  • First floor restrooms with changing areas and storage for personal gear with provision for future shower facilities if warranted
  • Concrete float system
  • Wet bar on first floor
  • Unisex restroom on second floor
  • Provide for a future mezzanine if it is not built initially
  • Work with the Design Comm. on exterior materials, windows, roof material, exterior open grate stairs, and building eaves.

The architect and the Design Comm. will meeting with the City over the next month to make sure we have a clear understanding of the various code requirements as the preliminary design gets refined.  The next design workshop will be Jan. 5th at 7:00 pm at the clubhouse.

If you have further comments or questions, you can send the Design Comm. an e-mail in care of Mark Brown at, or call me at 503-643-1816.

Comments from November 10th Workshop

  1. More windows and garage doors; roof  top deck; buy dry suits and dress for the water; no showers; windows and siding from the flat roof; concrete float.
  2. Looks great; concrete float looks better for the long run.
  3. Flat roof design will look great day and lit up at night; gable design looks lodge-y, cabin-y; northwest look, but looks too heavy (visually not structurally) to be a floating structure; looks a little top heavy (again that is visually not structurally).
  4. Has roof access (occupiable) been explored; roof material should work for solar; timber truss have too much mass, takes too much space; truss points down in center of the room – bad feng shei; unisex bathrooms only and if we have showers above, no showers; cantilever 2nd floor plate over the chase boats space (if this can be done for reasonable $); concrete floor.
  5. Consider option 3 of no showers, but larger bathrooms with elbow room for changing area in them.
  6. Concrete float is the better option; seems like the first floor doesn’t have enough windows on the north and south sides (flat roof poster).
  7. Great forum for this mtg.; no reason for second set of showers; ideally, rooftop deck is part of plan, however doesn’t seem realistic, bummer; concrete float; windows of the flat roof design, but with the gable, not w/ a mezzanine; siding of flat roof; siding of gable – not a fan.
  8. Solar panels on roof; commercial kitchen: double ovens, ceiling fan, well ventilated.
  9. Really ambivalent about the showers, but I think the lockers, or cubbies are definitely a good idea; people talked about radiant heat on the concrete floor, so the floor will dry after people get it wet, I think that is an idea worth exploring; concrete float, definitely; people talked about a heat exchanger to draw heat out of the river; that might be an expense, with long-range savings; alternate sustainable energy might be an idea to explore for a grant from PGE or BPA; gable roof and cover w/ steel; solar panels; I am uncomfortable about safety boats being just tied up alongside the facility  — no way to get them inside/under cover?; being outside will increase maintenance on them – maybe; I really like the open floor plan (2nd floor) shown on plan w/ gabled roof.
  10. Please include family restrooms for kids in sailing classes and families; an alternative to men and women, do one family shower and restroom.
  11. Restroom w/ lockers, but no showers; convert showers into more lockers or cubby storage space.
  12. Favor concrete float; expense justified over long haul; this is well established technology; flat roof are always a problem no matter what architect says; concrete will permit a little more height which would permit a partial mezzanine or loft on 2nd floor.
  13. Concrete float; bathrooms; kitchen – double oven w/ vent; fireplace!!
  14. Small lockers only, would be nice to shower near water if not too expensive.
  15. The gabled roof seems like it will feel more open, which helps with how large the room feels, as well as sound volume levels; also like the looks better; assuming the showers stay available up where they presently are, I prefer the larger space available for other purposes.
  16. No room for boats inside; how about 2nd stair outside w/ open grating so it doesn’t count for footprint; I’d like to see eaves or some overhang on the gabled option; concrete float; big deck with ? doors is cool.
  17. Like eaves better than not; definitely don’t need showers since we have them on land; can we move east stairs to outside w/ a wire staircase attached to dock; create more floating dock space on the north side of clubhouse for more revenue.
  18. Concrete float worth the money – good idea; is there enough storage for motor boat related gear.
  19. Bathrooms w/ storage shelves, but not lockers; gabled roof w/ ceiling fans; concrete float w/ radiant heat.
  20. Restrooms w/ lockers; floor plan looks very efficient; aesthetically speaking, I wish it (gabled roof) looked warmer and less modern; I like the cedar siding, that looks nice; if possible, I think having a deck that wraps around more of the second story ( or all) would be nicer; eaves on the 2nd story roof would look good; good job on the design, thank you for all your work, I know it’s not easy.
  21. I like the look of the gabled roof and the extra space that no showers would allow; the extra instructional space is much more valuable than having showers that would only be used occasionally; the gabled roof fits with the surrounding boat houses and may allow more light and an ? feel; I also do not like the boats docked at the corner; I feel very strongly that the clubhouse space should maximize instructional and gathering space and not house the boats; I understand that protection from weather is important, but good tarps could help and clubhouse space will make the club better; we may in the future find another solution for the boats, but we won’t be able to enlarge the club house; also I would vote for a good kitchen upstairs and a small galley downstairs for the sailing classes for hot chocolate, etc. and not have to tramp upstairs.
  22. Need family restrooms; there ought to be a boathouse incorporated; concrete floors; bigger deck
  23. Restrooms w/ change rooms; concrete float; radiant floor heat downstairs; 2nd stairway outside of footprint using steel grating stairs; I want to see energy use considered over a 15-yr. period.
  24. Gabled upper level w/ balcony option; concrete float; boat storage on floats w/ canvas covers
  25. Big deck – good; big doors – good.
  26. Commercial kitchen, double ovens; solar panels on roof.
  27. Gabled roof looks bigger inside and classier.
  28. Restroom w/ changing room and cubbies; gabled roof w/ overhangs; traditional window panes, hoping for classic boathouse.
  29. Lack of inside storage for boats is a significant cost issue; exposure to weather will mean shorter life and more yearly maintenance and it is almost impossible to get people to do work on them now; in  water storage will be hard on bottoms, require bottom painting and then maintenance of bottom paint; someone suggested some type of lift such as a hydro lift; these are not maintenance free; if you think keeping garage door repair is a challenge, you have not seen anything yet; lifts are not in the budget; what about security and vandalism; clubhouse showers and lockers make no sense when we have facilities on land; there is space in existing facility to include lockers; gabled design looks best, but needs some architectural changes; eaves would look better and cut maintenance; cedar roof is a no-no in Oregon climate if we want to minimize maintenance; natural shake siding never looks good for long unless meticulously maintained.
  30. Siding on the 2nd floor should extend down to the 1st floor (gabled roof); stair case in main room should move to exterior; it would be nice to walk up to 2nd floor deck w/o going inside; can’t boathouse be kept w/ the elimination of a small amount of dock; if the stair were exterior w/ grated metal would that count as covered water; I don’t think the lift is needed.
  31. Outside power boat storage is a concern; showers seem redundant as we already have showers.
  32. Restrooms w/ outside showers.
  33. Must have eaves, more electrical outlets, accessible breaker panel; concrete float preferred.
  34. Gabled roof looks good.
  35. Talk to Steve and other instructors to make sure it works for them; having 2nd egress stairs off the side, open grate tread to let light thru, so that indoor space can be used for programs; need outside stair to 2nd floor; shingles top to bottom, not two different materials.
  36. I like the look of the flat roof design, but think the gabled roof is more practical; can more or bigger windows be added to the gabled design.
  37. Great job w/ the design; wonderful format for collecting input; good for friendships.
  38. I want a roof deck, but prefer the gabled roof if no roof deck.
  39. Like concrete float.
  40. Gabled roof unless we can have a deck on roof.
  41. Looks great, well done.
  42. I prefer the peak roof and floor plan with lockers, but that the showers should be converted to more locker/cubby storage space. Let’s not burden the Club with the cost of shower facilities when we have a shower room already in the upper lot.  What I forgot to add on the form is that I prefer the concrete float foundation.  The extra cost (around 7% more) is worth avoiding the maintenance hassle and expense of a wooden float system.  Also, I believe that the 5 foot deep concrete float has room for a sewage pump and wet well as well as for other utilities.  Is that correct?  (This was an e-mail comment).


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