November 30, 2011 Update

During the next couple of weeks, the Design Comm. and COLAB will be meeting with the City to verify code requirements and design guidelines as we move forward with 80% design plans.  These meetings are occurring later than expected which means the Jan. 5th meeting with the membership will be delayed.   Once we finish the meetings with the City, we will have a better idea of how much work it will take to produce 80% plans.  The 80% plan meeting with the membership will be rescheduled for late January or early February.  Watch Willamette Winds, Telltales, and or the on-line calendar for the meeting date.


Additional comment forms have been turned in regarding 40% design plans which are on display in the clubhouse.  Preferences for the gabled v. flat roof and showers v. no showers have not changed significantly, but preference for showers and the flat roof has grown; preferences as of this date are as follows:

  • Gabled roof 52 (70%)
  • Flat roof 22 (30%)
  • Restroom only 46 (63%)
  • Restroom with showers and lockers 25 (34%)

The Board’s direction to the architect as expressed below is still generally consistent with member preference.


There have been a lot of good written comments and suggestions submitted.  I won’t attempt to answer all of the comments, but will provide general responses to some of the prevalent issues:


  1. Roof deck – the problem with a roof deck is that it becomes a third floor and since this is not a residential building it would require an elevator, which would be a significant expense; therefore a roof deck is not proposed
  2. Comm. boat storage – the Design Comm. is looking into reducing some dock footprint area by 800 SF so as to retain the 800 SF existing boathouse
  3. Shingle roof and siding – the shingle roof and siding gives the building a distinctive appearance that is central to the design concept, however the architect will look into metal siding and roofing as part of the 80% plans
  4. Exterior open grate stairs – this is mainly a building code issue on exiting requirements; an exterior stairway may also add to the footprint area; this issue will be looked at as we move forward
  5. More north/south windows on the gabled roof option – the windows on the second floor are 30” wide and with the dormers there will be quite a bit of natural in the building; changing the window width is a detail that can be looked at in the  phase 2 design process
  6. Family restrooms – in part this gets to be a building code issue; family restrooms need to be handicapped accessible, all of them; 4 handicapped accessible family restrooms will take up more space than the current proposal with dedicated restrooms and are not proposed
  7. Eaves – adding eaves to the current design changes the character of the building and significantly alters its appearance; adding gutters to catch roof run-off will be looked into as part of the development of the 80% plans





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