AM Sonntag will Grace segeln gehn!


Three years ago the female cat Grace needed a new home. The local sailing club had a problem with muskrats and otters, who left their trails during the night in the boathouse. Both problems had been solved by adopting Grace as the new club cat. “All our buildings have cat doors so Grace can roam around freely. Although she is quite chubby she loves to climb and is quite good at it. We often see her on a roof. She sleeps in a heated basket in the boat house but if it gets really cold she will stay in the warm club house”, says Tom Miron, from the club management. “Grace loves people and has many friends down here. When we come to work in the morning she greets us by bumping her head and rubbing her body against our legs.  For the kids who come in the summer to get sailing lessons a cat like Grace –  who watches them and sometimes  gets on board with them –  is very special. It happens that she sneaks unnoticed on a sailing or motor boat only to be discovered long after the boat has left the dock. But most of the time she lets the sailors know if she wants to get a ride by just jumping on board. The only thing she does not like is to get wet. One time she was sleeping on the open (pulled up) door of the boat house. When we closed the door with the garage opener Grace slipped off the door into the water and was quite upset afterwards. She never slept in this place again.”

Picture caption:

Grace is always welcome by the sailors of the Willamette Sailing Club

Her favorite place while sailing is on the bow. She is on the look out like a pirate.


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