Pirates of the Willamette

Our annual youth program fundraiser is gunna return ‘tis year. Mark ye calendars ‘n dust off ye scurvy pirate garb fer Saturday, August 25th at five pm. 

If ye woud like to help out or to register please put a message in a bottle and send it to th’ office at office@willamettesailingclub.com. Don’t forget to let us know how many pirates you’ll be bring’ and if you plan to use your’ own vessel. 

‘Tis event be fer all ages.  We’ll have treasure hunts, games, and grog. Wear your costume and bring along a PFD and a flashlight. Suggested donation of $15 per pirate. 

If ye cannot make the hunt, and ya still want to support our Youth Sailing, you can make a contribution through Paypal by clicking on the button




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