Portland Community Boat Build Volunteer Registration

Summer has officially arrived, which means that it is time for one of the largest events of the year here at Willamette Sailing Club! What has previously been known as the Wooden Boat Festival has now been rebranded the Portland Community Boat Build. The same fun boating activities, music, and food will be taking place and we need your help to make this event run smoothly! We are looking for members to volunteer for Sunday’s event and have attached a volunteer sign up sheet HERE. Please put your name down in the time slots that you know you can volunteer for. We look forward to seeing you down here and please contact Dave Valentine with any questions at manager@willamettesailingclub.com

2017 Portland Community Boat Build 

The 2017 Portland Community Boat Build (Formerly Wooden Boat Festival) is on the calendar for July 8 – 9. If you would like to volunteer to help make this annual event a success, please do so by CLICKING HERE.

What is the Portland Community Boat Build? 

The Community Boat Build is a combined effort between Riverswest Small Craft Center and Willamette Sailing Club to promote wooden boat building. Over this two day weekend in July, families and non-profit organizations come together to construct Salt Bay Skiffs out of pre-made kits. These kits have either been sold to private groups for $450 each, or donated to non-profit organizations which assist underserved youth communities in the Portland area. This year, the 10 family boat build kits sold out in record time. The remaining 6 kits are to be donated to non-profit groups.

This event is open to both members and non-members on Sunday, July 9. Invite your friends to check out the boats being built, or to see the many wooden boats on display. WSC Coaches also provide sail-boat rides throughout the day so come prepared to get on the water!

The Boat Build is open to everyone on Sunday, July 9 from 11:00am – 5:00pm. 

Check out our video from the 2016 Community Boat Build to learn more: http://www.riverswest.org

Do you work with a non-profit youth organization that would be interested in building a Salt Bay Skiff? 

If so, please email Manager@willamettesailingclub.com. We have a couple of open slots for non-profits that wish to participate. The organization gets to take the boat home after the completion of the event. Many of these completed boats are auctioned off to raise funds for the organization at a later date, providing much needed financial support for their organizations.

Who have we worked with in the past? 

Organizations who have worked with us to build their Salt Bay Skiffs include:

The Salvation Army

Friends of the Children

Neighborhood House

New Avenues for Youth

Morrison Center 

…and more. 

How can you help? 

Financial Support:

Riverswest Small Craft Center is always looking for financial support to help ensure the future of this event. Main event sponsors include Zidell, The Greenbrier Companies, and the Oregon Maritime Museum. Riverswest Small Craft Center is a 501(c)3 and contributions are tax deductible.

Volunteer Support:

Sign up to help run the actual event (WSC members only)! This event is work hour eligible for WSC members. CLICK HERE to sign up.

Get your Non-Profit Involved:

We’re always looking to work with other non-profit, youth based organizations. Get a group of 4-6 teens and 2 adult chaperones to build their very own Salt Bay Skiff. Participants are guided through the entire boat build process by experienced volunteers from Riverswest. They will work with their hands, learn how to operate various tools, and eventually splash their newly built boat and row into the Willamette River. Its truly a great and rewarding experience.



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