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Laser Go-Fast Tips

Jan. 29th 2013

go fast tips!

Here are a few resources we’ve found for sailors interested in raising their game (if you know of any more, let us know!)


  • Robert Scheidt Video
    watch the 8-time Laser world champion go upwind and downwind; great stuff!
  • CGRA Video Gallery
    check out the Laser Performance Clinic videos, and especially Sailing Downwind in the Gorge
  • Bill’s YouTube page
    Laser action in the Gorge featuring Brendan Casey, Derick Vranizan, Sean Kelly, and more; plus, LauraLee’s hot interviews from 2009 Laser Masters Worlds!

my favorite sailing blogs

  • Improper Course
    interesting insights on all  things Laser from 3-time Masters world champ Doug Peckover and his wife Pam
  • Paul Goodison
    a day in the life of the 2008 Olympic gold medalist
  • Center of Effort
    great collection of Laser tips by Judith Krimski with lots of assist from Clay Johnson
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