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Greetings From Our New Manager!

Jan. 6th 2021

As I start my new adventure as the Club Manager of WSC, I reminisce about my first sailing experience – summer camp at Lake Tahoe. I had never been in a sailboat before, and I instantly felt a connection to the wind and water. A few years later, I took sailing lessons in high school, learning to master a small Laser. It wasn’t until I moved to Portland, however, that I really recognized and appreciated my passion: I volunteered at the Island Sailing Club; raced on the Columbia River on a 29 ft. Ericson and became a “master of the wind,” learning to adjust the spinnaker accordingly; and eventually owned & raced a San Juan 24. I am excited to finally follow my passion professionally.
I’m eager to bring my entrepreneurial mind-set to WSC, having developed sales and marketing strategies, managed large technology projects and teams, and helped small organizations balance budgets to successfully move forward in their mission. I look forward to getting to know as many of you as possible over the next several months, as we move into another sailing season and plenty of opportunities for socializing later in the summer.
In my spare time, I am an endurance cyclist and anticipate riding to the club as often as possible! Additionally, I have sung Soprano with several choral organizations, travel as an amateur photographer with a passion for subjects of historic & cultural significance, backpack/snowshoe/hike anywhere there are mountains, grow Heirloom Cherokee tomatoes and lemon cucumbers in my garden, and attempt to train my somewhat willful Standard Schnauzer, Sydney, and her little brother, Emmett.

Deb Postlewait – Willamette Sailing Club Manager

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Now Hiring – Club Manager!

Oct. 16th 2020

The WSC Board is now looking for a new club manager. A hiring committee has been formed and the job posting is attached below. Please spread the word and point potentially interested parties to the posting. Thank you!

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Dredging Moorage Information

Aug. 4th 2020

Greetings Sailors!

As you know, we will be dredging the marina this October.  The actual dredging will start October 1st and be finished before the end of October.  Although the dredging won’t start until October, there is a long list of things to do to prepare the site beforehand, including moving the clubhouse and all of the docks out of the dredging zone.  All of that preparatory work will happen at the end of August and during September.  During all of that time, and until the marina is put back together, WSC will effectively be closed.

For owners with boats stored in the lot, August 28th will be the last day you can sail your boat, have access to it, or move it.  If you want access to your boat at any point between August 29th and December 1st, please remove it from WSC property and store it off site.

Beginning August 29th, during the work party that day, we will start consolidating boats in the upper lot so there will be room in the lot for all the boats on the docks below.  We ask that those of you with boats stored in the lot ensure that your trailer or dolly is in serviceable condition so that your boat may be moved during this process.

All of the boats on the docks have to be off the docks before Monday Sept. 14th. This includes all wet moorage and boats/ kayaks on the dock racks next to the boat house. We plan to have sufficient room in the lot for boats currently on the docks to be stored there during the dredging project.  It is each boat owner’s responsibility to move his or her boat off the docks and into the lot (or off site).  Unfortunately, the club does not have extra trailers so if you don’t have a trailer, arrangements should be made ahead of time so you can meet the timeline described above.

If you do not heed the request to remove your boat from the docks, you must understand that WSC will not be responsible for anything that may happen to it.  Boats that remain on the docks may get damaged during the moving of the docks or at some point other during this entire process.  Be advised that the docks will be moored off site without guards or security against theft or vandalism.  By leaving your boat on the dock, you will be accepting all of these and any other risks.   Any damage, no matter what the cause, will not be the responsibility of WSC, its members, contractors, or anyone else except you.

In short, for owners with boats on the docks, the lot will be available for storing your boat beginning Sept. 1st.  You must have your boat off the dock and into the lot or off site before Sept 14th.  If you want to move your boat sooner than Sept. 1st, please contact Mitchell for a spot in the lot and a tag for your trailer.

Please contact Ian Sparkes if you have any question or concerns:  iansparkes03@gmail.com

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in making this go smoothly.

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