Day Sailer Fleet

Day Sailer Fleet 23 – Portland, Oregon 

O’Day Day Sailer 17

Design by:  Uffa Fox and George O’Day

Originally designed as an ideal family boat, the Day Sailer remains true to her design and has expanded to include racing fleets throughout North America. Her planing hull creates a fun, playful boat and her beam provides stability and cockpit space for 6 adults. Over 10,000 boats have been built and races are held throughout the year in the US and Brazil by the Day Sailer Association and its fleets. New Day Sailers are available at Cape Cod ShipBuilding Company. Owing to it’s one design standards, many boats, no matter the age, have similar performance profiles. It’s lightweight for easy towing, big enough for a family of four and has room under the boom.  

Here at WSC, we have a very active and growing fleet of racers and this year, along with the Eugene Yacht Club, we are hosting the 2022 edition of the North American Championship Regatta (NACR).  Each summer, Portland DaySailers host the Al Morris Regatta at Yale Lake, WA.  For the 2022 edition, Toby Deming (Fleet 23 Captain) is launching the first ever Triple Crown Event. The lowest score from NACR, Wednesday night fleet races and the Al Morris Regatta marks a new level of achievement.  You can read about it at the Quarterly on page 16.  To learn more about the North American Championship Regatta (NACR), start on page 13.

Join the fun

Show up on a Sunday afternoon in fall/winter, or a Wednesday evening in spring/summer, for WSC fleet races and introduce yourself (see the WSC racing calendar HERE). There is a National Day Sailer Organization at Daysailer.Org and on Facebook. It’s $35 a year, which entitles you to race in the NACR and helps cover the cost of fleet functions (additional race fees apply to non-WSC members). There are many ways to find out more and to get involved with the Day Sailer fleet. You can contact WSC DS Fleet Captain Charles Lersch (, come meet us and crew with someone on any WSC fleet racing night, or come watch a local regatta. If you are interested in racing, we also have a loaner boat that is available during scheduled WSC series fleet racing.  We are slowly adding social media to our program, so sign up and participate in our local online Day Sailer Forum at Portland Day Sailers.  It is not necessary to be a member of WSC in order to join the Day Sailer fleet, however, most fleet members are WSC members as well. There are approximately 15 active racing boats in the fleet. We usually sail double handed, but on windy days, it’s nice to have a third on the rail.  

Email questions to Day Sailer Fleet Captain: Charles Lersch –

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