WSC Laser Clinic          by: John Sturman           May 2017


An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.


Educational Materials

Books, DVDs (Cabarete, Rooster), YouTube,,
TheLaserSailor, Clinics

Boat Setup

Downhaul & Vang tied to dagger board.

Clew Tie- Velcro- always tightly cinched around boom.

Vang shockcord to prevent vang key from falling out of boom.

Speed-rig fast-pins- APS- for vang and downhaul.

Mainsheet length = X. 46’ may be good too-long starting
point. Goal is enough length so in light air can ease boom beyond 90deg then
heel to weather to allow gravity to hold boom forward/out. Tie end of mainsheet
with loose bowline around hiking strap so any tangle is never a true knot, and
loose bowline can be moved up to ratchet for fully eased sheet.

Telltales & Wind indicator flavors

Hiking strap adjustment- even pressure on calfs and thighs.
Some people adjust the setting during racing.

Boat Handling

Hiking stick- boxer

2-hand trimming

Ease-Hike-Trim when gusts hit.

Tacking transfer of tiller behind back.

Mainsheet maintenance: pile mainsheet in aft region of
cockpit. On port tack upwind have mainsheet run from ratchet through left hand
and across tops of legs into rear. On startboard tack have mainsheet run from
ratchet through right hand then down toward ratchet and under legs on starboard
side of hiking strap to rear. Mainsheet cleats are useful for cleaning up
mainsheet mess after starting and  leeward mark.

Roll-tack 15% roll/85% flatten

Crossing the boat- hiking strap/rail grab

Frying-pan grip on hiking stick in light air.

Weight placement forward/aft. Forward until bow dunking
under or planning.

Gybing & mainsheet & transom & water &

Downwind stability By-the-lee & reaching vs DDW

S-gybe concept

Heavy Air – controls, mainsheet tack,

Sail Trim

Boom vang slack setting 29” boom-to-transom

Outhaul slack setting 10” clew-to-fairlead

Upwind outhaul 6” max depth of cloth to boom.

Mainsheet 10” eased max power. Never looser.

2-blocked power

Downwind vang setting for lively leech

Reaching setup?

Practice Sessions

Gym training: flexibility, abs, back, thighs, cardio, grip, arms,

2-buoy laps

Rabbit Starts

5-tack/gybe  drills


Race log to track trends at venues and tactical choices and
speed settings.

Starting- loose vang so no power driving boat over starting
line, time-on-distance

Racing rules- sword & shield combined with tactics.

Racing tactics – upwind, downwind




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