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Summer 1 Laser Race Committee Assignments

Date Day Title First Last
5/31/11 Tuesday Night Captain Bill Conerly
5/31/11 Tuesday Safety Captain Dean Bergstrom
5/31/11 Tuesday Committee Mark Sandifer
5/31/11 Tuesday Committee Kathy Sandifer
6/6/11 Monday Night Captain Ron Runyan
6/6/11 Monday Safety Captain Carl Heisel
6/6/11 Monday Committee John McCoy
6/6/11 Monday Committee Tomas Amodio
6/13/11 Monday Night Captain Mike Rees
6/13/11 Monday Safety Captain Fred Jensen
6/13/11 Monday Committee Peter McMinn
6/13/11 Monday Committee Reed Stager
6/20/11 Monday Night Captain Tony Norris
6/20/11 Monday Safety Captain Lorin Moentenich
6/20/11 Monday Committee Paul Cone
6/20/11 Monday Committee Christina Schull
6/27/11 Monday Night Captain David Patterson
6/27/11 Monday Safety Captain Chris Gedrose
6/27/11 Monday Committee Jim Clevenberg
6/27/11 Monday Committee Ailon Solomon
7/5/11 Tuesday Night Captain David Patterson
7/5/11 Tuesday Safety Captain Oscar Barney
7/5/11 Tuesday Committee Scott Pitek
7/5/11 Tuesday Committee Carolyn Slijper
7/11/11 Monday Night Captain Dan Winchester
7/11/11 Monday Safety Captain Spencer Moore
7/11/11 Monday Committee Nick Stockton
7/11/11 Monday Committee Ryan Sherlock



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