The Siebel Sailors Mission Statement

The Siebel Sailors Program seeks to increase opportunity and diversity in the sport of sailing. By providing resources and support to youth sailors from all backgrounds we will develop skilled and life-long sailors who can participate in all aspects of the sport by creating access to equipment, athlete development resources, and expert coaching at public access sailing centers across the country.

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Siebel Sailors Center Recipient

We are honored to announce that Willamette Sailing Club was recently named as the fourth Pacific Northwest US Sailing Siebel Sailors Center, joining Sail Sand Point on Lake Washington in Seattle, Center for Wooden Boats on Lake Union in Seattle and Gorge Junior Sailing on the Columbia River in Hood River, Oregon. In all, WSC is now one of 20 public access Siebel centers across the country.

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The Siebel Sailors Program will increase skill development, enrich our existing sailing programming, and provide learning opportunities on RS Feva XL boats coached by a US Sailing certified Siebel coach.

Siebel Sailors Clinic Information

April 24th; Youth Women’s Clinic

May 15th & 16th; Steve Williams Regatta @ WSC

June 14-18; Alliance High School at Meek

July 6-8; Sail2Change

August 23-27; Sail2Change

If you’re an organization, or have a group of sailors interested in participating, reach out to WSC Program Director Matt Berger at for details and scheduling.

Meet Coach Michael Cornew

Michael Cornew is a passionate sailing coach hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Michael is the US Sailing Siebel Coach for the Pacific Northwest Region and brings a wealth of dinghy coaching experiencing, specifically high school and college coaching.

While Michael was born in Mexico City, he moved to Chicago when he was only a year old and learned to sail very early on, but only got hooked after joining the New Trier High School team. Michael moved on to Northwestern University where he captained the sailing team. He also took up windsurfing outside of practice and managed to finish a degree in Economics.

Michael has served as the Head 420 Coach for Chicago Yacht Club, the Head Coach for the Northwestern University Sailing Team, and the Head Coach for the Willamette Sailing Club in Portland, Oregon. He is a US Sailing certified Level 3 Head Instructor that is passionate about developing youth sailors as well rounded, adjusted people on top of improving their sailing skills.

As a coach for US Sailing’s Siebel Sailors Program, Michael hopes to strengthen and grow participation across the Pacific Northwest, while focusing on both inclusion and diversity.  He also knows the importance of engaging parents and sailors to foster continued participation and breed lifelong sailors. Michael is very excited to be a part of US Sailing and the Siebel Sailors Program, and looks forward to motivating, inspiring, and igniting our junior sailors’ passions while promoting a safe and positive learning environment.

Siebel Sailors Registration and Waiver Forms

If you’re an organization, or have a group of sailors interested in participating, reach out to WSC Program Director Matt Berger at for details and scheduling.

Oregon Youth Sailing Foundation

Siebel Sailors Scholarship Fund

Oregon Youth Sailing Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that establishes programs and makes grants for the support of youth dinghy sailing in Oregon. OYSF succeeds by accomplishing its mission to “get more Oregon youth sailing” from all walks of life.

Contact for information on how to donate, or find out about Siebel Sailor scholarship opportunities.

“Willamette Sailing Club is elated to be working with US Sailing and the Siebel Sailors Program. This partnership is a valuable new asset for the city of Portland and will have an immediate positive impact on our community here on the Willamette River and beyond.”

– Matthew Berger (WSC Program Director)


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