Welcome to the WSC Tasar fleet!

Great boat, great people, lots of fun – that’s what the WSC Tasar fleet is all about. We welcome all sailors of all ages, from beginners to Olympic contenders. Local fleet racing takes place on the Willamette River just south of downtown Portland every Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm, April through October (always followed by food, beer, and socializing!). The fleet also hosts 2-3 regattas a year at Cascade Locks in the Columbia River Gorge, considered to be one of the finest small boat racing venues in North America.

Come join us for a sail, or contact Bill Symes at wjsymes@comcast.net for more information. See you on the river!

Boats for sale

There are several good boats for sale, at several attractive price points, so if you’ve been looking for a chance to get into the Northwest’s most exciting dinghy fleet, here it is.

How are we doing?

Are you getting the information you need from the WSC Tasar fleet website? Let me know. Please feel free to send comments, suggestions, news, photos, classified ads, schedule or directory changes, and other cool content ideas to Bill Symes, wjsymes@comcast.net. Keep in touch!