Vanguard 15

Welcome to the Portland area Vanguard 15 Fleet, fleet #69. Our home is the Willamette Sailing Club, located right on the Willamette River with easy access from downtown Portland.

Our active fleet of all skill levels enjoys the partnership and thrill that comes with sailing this fast two-person planing dinghy. In addition to weekly races most of the year and regattas during summer, we share time on camping trips, potluck gatherings, family day sails and other social events. You’ll find our fleet to be welcoming and eager to teach you how to get the most out of your boat.

Whether you want to sail for enjoyment with your friends and family, or dig deep into competitive racing on the water with fellow sailors, the V-15 Fleet is a great place to be. Please feel free to contact our fleet captain for more information about the boat or our fleet.

About the Vanguard 15

The Vanguard 15 is a lightweight two-person planing dinghy that is easy to handle and exciting to sail. It’s great for friends, couples, parents and children, and anyone else. The boat’s clean and simple design minimizes maintenance and its strict one-design rules eliminate the need to endlessly tune the boat or spend large sums of money upgrading. It is ideal for both high caliber fleet racing and for day sailing with the family. Colleges and Yacht Clubs purchase V-15 fleets as they are the double-handed, high-speed, simple, durable, lightweight, transportable, competitive and fun sailing class. The V-15 is built by Laser Performance.


The Vanguard 15 class, founded in the mid 1990’s, is one of the fastest growing one-design classes in the country.



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