2014 WSC Youth Regattas/Clinics Schedule

    • April 26-27 NWYRC Kitten Cup (Optis, Radials, 420s) @ Royal Vancouver YC, BC 2014 NOR/INFO
    • May 18 WSC Spring Youth Regatta and Toe Island Cup (Optis, Radials, 420s) @ WSC  2014 NOR/INFO
    • June 6-7 Optimist Clinic @ Cascade Locks INFO
    • June 21-22 NWYRC Willamette River Youth Regatta (Optis, Radials, 420s) @ WSC 2014 NOR/INFO 
    • June 24-26 Ripple Optimist Clinic (Optis Only) @ CGRA, Cascade Locks INFO
    • June 28-29 NWYRC Columbia Gorge Opti Regatta (Optis Only) @ CGRA, Cascade Locks NOR/INFO
    • July 1-4 WIND Youth Laser Clinic (Lasers only) INFO
    • July 5-6 WIND Youth Regatta/Smythe Trophy Area L’s (Lasers only) NOR/INFO
    • July 12 (tentative) WSC Summer Youth Regatta @ WSC (Optis, 420s, Laser full and radial) NOR/INFO
    • July 19 Bemis Trophy Area L’s (420s only) @ Seattle YC NOR/INFO
    • July 20 Sears Trophy Area L’s (J22’s) @ Seattle YC NOR/INFO
    • July 30-31 Laser/420 Clinic @ CGRA INFO
    • August 1-3 Columbia Gorge One Design Regatta (CGOD) (420s and Lasers) @ CGRA, Cascade Locks NOR/INFO
    • August 9-10 NWYRC Bellingham Youth Regatta (Optis, Radials, FJs) @ Bellingham WA NOR/INFO
    • August 23-24 NWYRC Northwest Junior Olympics (Optis, Lasers Full and Radial, TBA 2hand) @ Corinthian YC/Shilshole, Seattle WA NOR/INFO
    • September 6-7 NWYRC JAM Regatta (Optis, Lasers Full and Radial,  TBA 2hand) @ Port Madison WA NOR/INFO
    • September 27-28 or Oct 4-5 NWYRC Octoberfest (Optis, Lasers Full and Radial, TBA 2hand) @ Sail Sand Pont, Seattle NOR/INFO
    • October 13 (tentative) WSC Fall Youth Regatta – Club Youth Radial and Optimist championship NOR/INFO


Descriptions of competition available for WSC Youth Racers:

NW Youth Racing Circuit (NWYRC) is a racing series for all youth racing sailors, with events around Oregon, Washington and BC. WSC’s interested youth racers will participate in Lasers, Optimists and 420s in such places as Seattle, Bellingham, Cascade Locks, and Port Madison.  First-year or beginning racers compete in the Green fleet at these events.

Cascadia Interclub Racing Circuit (CIRC) is an intermediate level racing series for kids from Portland area sailing programs. It is a low key, entry level travel series designed primarily to get developing sailors more experience, as well as educate youth sailors and their parents about youth racing and travel regattas.

Toe Island Cup: WSC’s double-handed Youth club championship, held during the spring, this year it will occur as part of the May 15 WSC Youth Regatta.

Johns Landing Trophy: WSC’s single-handed Youth Laser championship, held in the fall.

Midshipmans Trophy: Norm Chew Memorial: WSC’s single-handed Youth optimist championship, held in the fall.